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Homeowners – Not Perfect Credit – Self-Employed-NotPerfectCredit


OMC offers current homeowners many ways to get a new mortgage loan via a REFINANCE to take cash out, lower rate or to a fixed rate.  Regardless your current situation, call and speak to a licensed loan officer.   


 Not Perfect Credit

Regardless your credit situation, OMC will find a suitable to meet your needs. Homeowners with Bankruptcy Chapter 13 or 7, foreclosure, delinquent property taxes or mortgage late payments can REFINANCE and take cash out and start
fresh with a new lender. 



Employment as we know it has changed and in 2021, about 9% of the total US workforce was GIG workers and contribute over 350 billion dollars to the US economy. OMC has mortgage loans based on BANK STATEMENTS, NON-INCOME VERIFICATION LOANS and DSCR (debt Service Coverage Ratio). Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Truck drivers can easily get new purchase money loans. 


First Time Homebuyer

OMC has many downpayment assistance (DPA) programs for first time buyers, making it possible for first time buyers to move into a home with only closing cost, but NO DOWN PAYMENT. 


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